About the Artist

Hi i’m mell and i’m probably from hell.
I'm cynical, introverted, self motivated, and often times quite kind.

Mell | 24 y/o | 04/19 | they/them
aries sun, virgo moon, gemini rising*
melancholic | intj | Chaotic Neutral
demon friend and vessel

*I’m not that into astrology these days, but i thought it would be fun to add in.

What Would You Like to Know?

oc (original character) artist/writer | rarely draws fan art | vintage doll and plushie collector | lucid dreamer | plant, bug, and cat friend | mastering crafts such as: cooking, sewing, crochet, beadwork, screenprinting, model kit building, shrinky dinking

i'm a nonbinary Fool [they/them]
proudly on hrt and tit free
idk what to call my sexuality. I like tall long haired people who look pretty.
My blood probably tastes like kombucha

My family is made up of two people:
I have a lovely partner named Ian
I also have a one eyed cat named Ashton [Ash]