Name: Melancholy [Melan]
Age: 24 [in this lifetime]
Body: very short, thicc, a little chubby
Gender: unspecified nonbinary [she/they]
Species: human [god?]
Home Dimension: ??? [last residence was Anhedonia]

Melancholy is the main character of GodBorn. Ever since breaking up with their long-time partner and best friend Nonchalant, they have struggled with constant homelessness and unemployment. While house hopping, Melancholy managed to find herself in many romantic flings, all ending fairly disastrous. Eventually she meets a young woman named Nimble, who she quickly bonds with. After a smooth 6 months of dating, things take a turn for the worst when Melan wakes up one night to Nimble trying to harvest her blood. Obviously, like anyone who would be in this predicament, Melan runs as far away as possible. This is where the story begins.


Psychokinesis [head popping especially | lacks proper control], Retrocognition & Precognition [limited, but tends to know knowledge that they shouldn’t when the time is right], ridiculous empathy, living encyclopedia of all things soft [like plushies].


Plushies, cute clothes, collecting many chokers, convenience stores [and pestering the people who work there], thrift stores, wandering for hours aimlessly, looking in people’s refrigerators to make sure they aren’t hiding anything, swinging at the park at night.

Physical Attributes
  • Melancholy's hair is shaped into heart shaped curls. Most of the time two large ones are seen, but any curled end of hair usually has the heart shape.
  • Her eyebrows are also heart shaped, along with the shine in her eyes. When her eyes are dull, her exposed pupils are chevrons.
  • In events of extreme stress she experiences exotropia - her eyes turn outward.
  • She has some faint scars on her thighs. She no longer self harms really, but in moments of extreme distress the wounds warp into gruesome eyes that weep.
  • Her forehead contains another eye, but it is typically hidden. This eye isn't only bound to her head, as it can move anywhere it pleases. When she is in full power [GOD MODE] the eye takes over the majority of her face, giving her the appearance of a cyclops.
  • Typical Melancholy outfit includes: leather choker, high waisted shorts, ripped striped tights, tiny shirt. They love to wear their platform knee high converse. Rarely wears skirts or dresses

They live everyday with a deep dread but they can’t quite put their finger on it. Even when life seems to be fine (and mostly it’s not fine), there’s that horrible feeling of “something’s not right”. Melancholy’s the type of person who’s okay with putting herself into a “bad” situation because everything is probably a bad situation in the end. Plus they’re convinced they can’t die.

Melan seemingly has these “powers” but she’s not quite sure how to control or even prove them. She thinks that some other people probably “know” but of course they aren’t gonna give her any credit for it. She has many theories behind what these “powers” are, but despite her open nature she’s hesitant to share what those theories might be. Any attempt to practice or control her abilities only leads to her feeling embarrassed or shameful, so she’s sort of given up on trying. She’s hopeful that maybe she’ll have some sort of major psychic outburst that will at least Prove she’s not making anything up.

There’s two modes of socialization for Melancholy: extreme quiet or non-stop oversharing. If someone pisses off Melancholy she will undoubtedly talk shit about them. Usually that's the oversharing. To the average person, Melancholy might appear as lacking thoughtfulness and being simple minded. In reality she’s extremely internalized with her true feelings, only being comfortable with outwardly showing the persona she’s constructed. Melancholy is actually quite cynical, and tends to throw herself into bad situations out of pure curiosity towards what others reactions might be. She’s pretty good at reading people, so when they react in a way she deems “typical”, she’s often disappointed.

She’s not interested in being popular or liked, but she has a strong desire to spread joy, simply out of kindness. This often leads her to share her kindness with people who don’t deserve it. She’s not naive, she simply can’t control it. While she may be kind, she is also not afraid to let others know she doesn’t care for them. This leads her to appear two faced, being nice one moment, but absolutely rude the next. Course, Melan only does this with people who piss her off.


For who knows how long, Melancholy has been stuck in an infinite loop of reincarnation and no escape from ANHEDONIA. Cursed to live through traumatic events and die a horrendously painful death by age 30, by the time she regains her memories of what's happening to her it's too late. Anhedonia is not her God or home dimension and she has no recollection of why she’s there in the first place. It’s unclear how many lives she’s lived while in Anhedonia, but it’s been long enough that she’s lost all hope of ever leaving. She refuses to completely give in to Anhedonia though, as she fears it would swallow her whole if she stops putting up a fight.

During one of her many lives on Anhedonia, Melancholy met a strange but beautiful individual named Zen. She understood them to be also non-mortal, and they both grew close with their shared anomalous experiences. Eventually, Melancholy disclosed to Zen about her predicament: that when she would turn 30 everything would “restart” after she’d die a torturous death. Naturally this mortified Zen, but they had a solution. If Melancholy drank their blood, then she would become a god, just like them. With the powers she would receive as a god she could escape from Anhedonia and start a new existence with Zen. Melan was reluctant at first, but after a near-death experience right before her 30th birthday she was practically begging Zen for their blood.

Zen’s god blood was too powerful for Melancholy, and she was consumed with her ever growing despair towards the aeons of trauma shes had to endure. Nearly sucking Zen dry of their blood, she sapped roughly 1/4th of their power permanently from their body. As a new born god, her mind was unstable and desired ruthless revenge against her long time captor, Anhedonia. As she was leaning in to conquer and consume her foe, Zen stabbed into her GOD EYE, temporarily leaving her helpless. Zen’s careless decision left Melancholy open for attack, thus Anhedonia managed to seize her once again. After banishing Zen, Anhedonia began to concentrate most of its own power keeping them out. Meanwhile, while Melancholy’s eternal torment was lessened, she was still held captive with no memory of becoming a god. At least a millennia has gone by and she’s still none the wiser to the power she holds.

In her current life, Melancholy hasn’t regained any memory of her predicament. She only knows that something isn’t right and that misfortune follows her no matter where she goes. Growing up she dealt with significant abuse from her family,, which eventually led to her running away as a teenager. As she couch surfed, she was followed by many awful events. Unable to find a source of income or a stable place to stay, she dropped out of school and began to take up some unhealthy habits. Eventually she started to date her longtime best friend Nonchalant, and the two moved in together after she finally found herself a steady job. Her relationship with Nonchalant only furthered her own internal demise unfortunately.

Pictures of Melancholy can be found on her ToyHouse


nonchalant NONCHALANT
Ex partner and best friend, the two have been in each other’s lives since sometime in middle school. They met in the woods near the school they both attended, bonding after a shared paranormal experience. It wasn’t until they were adults that they became a couple, but as teens they did share some romantic experiences.

Their relationship started to suffer greatly around the time they reached their 20’s, but in general things weren’t ever that great. After they moved in together, Melan began to notice Nonchalant’s more “erratic” side, and his controlling nature became more apparent. Oftentimes there was a series of “highs'' and “lows'' that she became accustomed to regarding his behavior. Even when she felt hurt or scared by his actions, Melancholy never really tried to do anything about it. In the end, he was her Best Friend (and boyfriend) and she couldn’t really imagine herself without Him.

A year prior to the events of GODBORN, the two of them had a major falling out. To put things shortly, Melan mysteriously lost her job, causing violent outrage from Nonchalant where he threatened to kick her out. While Nonchalant was distracted by some evangelists at their front door, Melan snuck away from their apartment and stole his vehicle. She then proceeded to crash it in a failed suicide attempt. Ever since that day Melan has been anxiously avoiding Nonchalant, which is hilariously easy considering Nonchalant only ever goes to work or stays home. Now that she’s been away from him for a year she’s starting to realize that it might be a good thing.

zen ZEN
In a previous life, long before the events of GODBORN, Zen entered the world of ANHEDONIA to investigate and find closure. There they met Melancholy and the two quickly became a close couple. Eventually Zen learns that Melan holds an unfortunate fate: she’s trapped in Anhedonia, perpetually living through traumatic events, and by the time she turns 30 she’s cursed to die a horrible death. She does reincarnate, but just to suffer the same fate again and again. Zen, being a god, could freely leave Anhedonia whenever they pleased. Figuring that if Melan were also a god, maybe they too could leave and the two of them could create a world of their own. So, as gods and lucid do, Zen shared their blood with Melancholy to help them become a god. This didn’t work exactly as they planned though.

During the events of GODBORN, Zen enters HELL to try and save Melancholy again, as after their previous failed attempt they were ejected from ANHEDONIA with no way of reentrance. Unfortunately, Melancholy has no memory of Zen and only recognizes them as an entity who frequently visits her in her dreams. Despite not sharing the same connection as before, Melan does feel quite comfortable around them. She finds Zen very attractive, and is unbothered by their open intimacy. For whatever reason, Zen’s fear inducing aura doesn’t affect Melancholy. Instead, Zen’s aura has an almost opposite reaction for her and induces tranquility. When they are alone it seems the feeling becomes even stronger.

seether SEETHER
After Melancholy crashed Nonchalant’s truck in a fit of suicidal rage, she found herself mysteriously transported to the opposite side of town with little memory of what previously happened. Seether and his boyfriend Vivid just so happened to be driving around the area, and they almost nearly hit Melancholy. After seeing Melan’s exposed god eye and seeing the shape she was in, Seether suggested they take her in and help her out. While recovering from her wounds at their apartment, Melan finds herself having feelings for both Seether and Vivid. Luckily, the two of them are polyamourous and things play out nicely. Seether grows close to Melan and introduces her to the concept of the lucid and gods, while Melan introduces Seether to the joys of thrifting and conspiracy theories.

Their relationship sadly does come to an abrupt end after an event where Seether randomly attacked Melan with no explanation. Melancholy felt especially betrayed and traumatized from his actions because of how much she shared with him about her past with Nonchalant.

vivid VIVID
During her stay at Seether and Vivid’s, she unintentionally begins dating them both. While Seether is loud, horny and unruly, Vivid is much more reserved, calm and gentle. Vivid was often a sort of mentor towards Melan as she opened up about her woes with Nonchalant. He also helped with teaching Melancholy about gods and lucids, but with not much success as she thought it was some sort of roleplay type thing. After Seether’s violent outburst, Vivid was the one to suggest that Melancholy should leave as soon as possible for her own safety. Melancholy was hurt, feeling as if Vivid was seemingly choosing Seether over her and not even attempting to help remedy the situation.

Back in highschool, Melan and Choleric were seated next to each other in homeroom class. Since both of them were moody brooding emo teenagers, they had some common interests and would chat. One day Melan found a note written by Choleric to meet her in private. When she arrived, Choleric forced a kiss on her, leading to Melancholy avoiding her at all costs for the rest of her time at that school.

Fast forward to the present, Choleric finds Melan sleeping on the street. She apologizes for her awkward behavior from when she was a teen, and invites Melan to stay at her apartment free of charge. They bond over their shared highschool nostalgia, much to the chagrin of Choleric’s girlfriend. Sadly this closeness comes to an end when Choleric finds out Melan is dating her ex, Suppose.

sage SAGE
Choleric’s girlfriend who holds a strong contempt for Melancholy, despite the two barely knowing each other. Melan tried to stay out of Sage’s way as much as possible, but this was hard considering she lived under the same roof as her. Eventually Sage finds out Melancholy is dating Choleric’s ex, and she uses this info to try and get Melan kicked out. While she wasn’t kicked out, Melan did begin to feel unwelcome and out of place at their apartment.

suppose SUPPOSE
Melancholy first met Suppose a few years prior to GODBORN, at the local convenience store where he worked. She would “bother” him during her late night trips, but Suppose found this endearing. After Melan ran away from Seether and Vivid’s, she began to stay at Suppose’s work at night to get off the streets. They became close and eventually became intimate. Melan was hesitant to call it “dating”, as their relationship stayed rather secretive. Despite this, she felt that if things were healthier for both of them, Suppose could have been “the one”. Tension grew between the two when Melan found out that Suppose moved into Nonchalant’s place. She finally broke it off with him after Choleric found out about their relationship. The two are still friendly with each other, but there’s an obvious hollowness when they interact now.

nimble NIMBLE
Melancholy met Nimble in a thrift store, where they both openly admired an amazing deal on some rare plushies. Realizing how much they had in common, Nimble invited Melan out for coffee, while also buying all those rare plushies for her. Quite hastily they began dating, and eventually because of Melan’s poor living situation at Choleric’s , she moved in with Nimble. Overall, everything worked out for the better as Nimble’s positive influence helped Melan break her cutting habit and gave her a safe place to stay. Their relationship was rolling quite smoothly for a solid 6 months, until Melancholy woke up to Nimble attempting to harvest her blood. This is what triggered the beginning of GODBORN

supine SUPINE
When Melancholy was in her sophomore year of highschool, she had to move to the next town over as that was the only other place she had family who would take her in. During her brief stay she met Supine at her new school. Really the only reason the two became friends was Melancholy’s ability to decipher the utter word salad that Supine speaks in. They began dating, with their relationship being best described as “disconnected company”. One day after school Melan came home late to find her cousin’s house on fire. Supine started this fire, under the assumption that Melancholy would be inside. Melan never did get a clear explanation for why Supine would do this, considering they were Dating and on Good Terms. Melan moved back to her hometown sometime after this and the two haven’t spoken since.

louse LOUSE
Louse works at the same convenience store as Suppose. When her shift schedule switched with Suppose’s, she suddenly became Melancholy’s new nighttime employee to pester. While Louse might act like she doesn’t care for Melan’s oversharing, she secretly finds it entertaining and looks forward to it. Melancholy find’s Louse’s skittishness adorable and she loves to tease the heck out of her.

noise NOISE
Noise is Louse’s girlfriend, she occasionally hangs out at the convenience store. Melan and Noise certainly have talked, but neither have much of an opinion about the other. They do share a few similar musical interests, and Melan has even suggested that perhaps they should go to a show one day.