Name: Nonchalant
Age:25 [in this lifetime]
Body: medium height, average build.
Gender: trans man [he/him]
Species: human [swears he's mortal]
Home Dimension: ??? [last residence was Anhedonia]

Nonchalant is a main character in GodBorn. It's been one year since he last saw his b̸̦̭̔e̷̛͎͝s̷͕̅̈́t̸͈̝̉̓ ̴̬̦̍̊f̴̟̻̆̕ŕ̷̫i̵̳͑e̶̗͠ͅn̵̖̺̓ḏ̸̃̚ Melancholy. It was a typical dispute that blew out of proportion, or so he claims. In that time he's gotten a job at a plant nursery, and found a new roommate named Suppose. Nonchalant thought for a split second all his issues might have finally passed. That is, until one day when Suppose was very insistent Nonchalant accompanied him on his way to work.


Cooking a delicious meal, good with plants, adequate knowledge about vehicles, emotional manipulation.


Building model kits [specifically gundams/mech], watching k-dramas, Making Sure Everything Is Normal, learning how to cook new foods, being as isolated as possible, and smoking a lot of weed.

Physical Attributes
  • He smokes cigarettes A LOT. Not quite a chain smoker, but he's getting there.
  • His eyes are tired and lifeless. Dull with no shine, just a small dot for his pupils. Often seen with large bags under his eyes because the gods know this boy doesn't sleep well.
  • He usually wears long sleeves to hide his self harm scars. He actively puts out his cigarettes on his wrists in a particular pattern. If the pattern doesn't stay fresh it makes him anxious.
  • Outfits typically have a lot of belts and patches. He has a fondness for hoodies and turtlenecks.
  • Because of his anxious nature, he's often sweaty and his hands are clammy.
  • Nonchalant has an appreciation for frilly cute dresses and skirts. Despite a strong desire to wear clothes like this, he refrains from doing so in fear of people misinterpreting him. He tends to go 50/50 when it comes to wearing boxer briefs and cute panties.

The first word most would explain Nonchalant as is “stubborn”. Whatever he decides Must Be What Happens. He picks his friends according to this philosophy so they never challenge him. He doesn’t like people who are too headstrong, but in general he doesn’t like anyone really. There’s a softness to Nonchalant though. He enjoys giving to others, but he does so in a way that makes the other person feel a little guilty. Nonchalant doesn’t know how to not be an ass when it comes to basically...anything. He will remember his friend’s favorite food without any issue at least.

It feels like Nonchalant might be hiding something but maybe he doesn’t know what he’s hiding. There’s this constant denial protruding from him, a sense of confidence that everything is Absolutely Fine. If it isn’t fine, he’s sure it will return to “fine” again momentarily. He doesn’t expect anyone to think he’ll make it alright again though.


When Nonchalant was a child, he lived in an unspecified town in SOUTH KOREA, a far away place that seemingly no longer exists within ANHEDONIA. There was an incident with his parents. One day after coming home from school, he found his father hovering over the corpse of his dismembered mother. Apparently his dad killed his mom, but he never witnessed what happened. The memory deeply traumatized Nonchalant and he rarely ever mentions anything about it. Soon after the crime, Nonchalant was moved to CENTRAL ANHEDONIA to live with relatives. Unfortunately, his relatives were heavily religious, so the moment he turned 18, moved out and started his transition, he completely broke all connections with them. He has a decent inheritance from his late mother. Despite going to college he’s opted to live off his savings and work a measly job at a plant nursery.

In his early teens, he met Melancholy and quickly bonded with her. It was because of her that he began to understand his own gender and sexuality, which eventually led to him identifying as an atheist. Despite their rocky on and off relationship, Nonchalant offered Melancholy a place at his apartment, but only if she got a job. He didn’t need the extra money, but he was afraid of “enabling” her reliance on him. When she was fired from her job wrongfully, everything went south and the rest is history.

Pictures of Nonchalant can be found on his ToyHouse

melancholy MELANCHOLY
Nonchalant’s ex best friend and partner, who he’s known since middle school. They met in the woods near their old school, and bonded over a shared paranormal experience. He doesn’t remember the event, and he has a hard time believing what Melancholy claimed happened. The two didn’t start dating until adulthood, but Nonchalant had extremely strong feelings for Melancholy since the moment they met. He’s just really bad at expressing what he means, so he waited until she asked him out.

When they moved in with each other in their early 20’s their relationship started to fall apart. Nonchalant quickly realized he didn’t enjoy living with Melancholy, but felt as if it was his duty to keep her safe and housed considering her past with homelessness. He was also afraid she might leave him, as they had many fallouts throughout their teens over similar situations. He never directly let on about his feelings regarding their living situation, and in general was bad at communicating what he wanted or needed in their relationship.

Eventually they both had a major falling out, after his disappointment with Melancholy losing her job. Overcome with anxiety and rage, he was a bit rough with her, and threatened to kick her out if she didn’t pay rent right then despite it not being due. Melancholy’s response to this was to steal his car and crash it in an attempt at suicide. In hindsight, he does recognize he overreacted, but feels that Melancholy’s reaction was completely unjust as well. They haven’t spoken since.

After the Melancholy incident, he’s sort of become paranoid about seeing her. He already barely left the house asides to go to work or get groceries, but now he locks himself up in his room. His car was never found, and legal documents suggest it never existed in the first place. Despite others in his life proving him wrong, sometimes he feels as if he might have made Melancholy up.

melancholy ZEN
They only just met while in HELL, but quickly Nonchalant could tell that Zen doesn’t like him. It’s alright though, as he’s not sure that he likes Zen much either. He’s deeply uncomfortable and annoyed that Zen refuses to speak around him. Nonchalant believes this behavior to be “attention seeking”, so he aggressively ignores Zen’s silence by talking directly to them Constantly. Oftentimes Melancholy has to act as a sort of mediator between the two, much to her chagrin.

Nonchalant is seemingly more sensitive to Zen’s passive fear inducing abilities. This manifests through intense flashbacks that leave him frozen and shaking. Oddly enough, despite the intense reaction, Nonchalant isn’t very fearful of Zen’s presence, but rather he’s annoyed.

suppose SUPPOSE
Suppose is Nonchalant’s current roommate who moved in soon after Melancholy’s disappearance. The two share a love-hate relationship, filled with less than friendly banter. Nonchalant would explain Suppose as being “only slightly more tolerable than the average person”. Although he would never admit it, he holds a lot of respect for Suppose. Sometimes he pushes on Suppose’s boundaries to see how far he can get, but is often pleasantly surprised when Suppose stands his own ground. He’s slightly intimidated by Suppose’s strong intuition, feeling uncomfortable with how easy it is for him to read his feelings.

Whenever he’s smoked a lot or is drunk, Nonchalant gets incredibly clingy and cuddly with Suppose. Often this is the subject that Suppose uses most to tease Nonchalant.

choleric CHOLERIC
There were a few times they met, mostly between interactions with Melancholy, but they never really liked each other much. For Nonchalant, he was fearful that Choleric might take Melancholy from him. The only way he knew how to cope with this fear was by constantly making fun of her. He’d either mock her openly when she was around, or attempt to convince Melancholy she was annoying. Part of the reason Melancholy cut all ties with Choleric after their kiss is because of Nonchalant’s influence.

supine SUPINE
Nonchalant never officially met Supine, but heard stories about her from Melancholy. As with Choleric, Nonchalant also felt jealousy towards Supine, but he wasn’t convinced their relationship would last long. He was alarmed by Supine’s bizarre behavior, often warning Melancholy to be careful around her. It was uncomfortable for him to listen to Melancholy speak affectionately about Supine, especially since he felt she was so unlikeable. Since it’s been a few years, Nonchalant has mostly forgotten she existed. He basically remembers her as “that freak that tried to burn Melancholy’s house down”.

louse LOUSE
They only know each other through Suppose since that’s where he works. They do play dnd every week, along with Suppose, Noise, and a few others. In general, Nonchalant doesn’t have a high opinion of Louse. He feels that she lacks any backbone, and she could work on her creativity.

noise NOISE
He barely speaks to Noise, outside of the occasional “hello” when visiting the local convenience store. He’s also a part of her dnd club that she hosts in the back stockroom. Nonchalant views Noise as a sort of “calmer Melancholy”, which makes him uncomfortable so he generally avoids interacting with her. He does like her sense of fashion though, even if it's not the kind of thing he’d wear.