General Info

Name: Zen
Age: ??? [Appears in their 20’s]
Height: TALL [6’6]
Pronouns: They/Them

Advanced Info

Species: Serpent [God taking on human form]
Home Dimension: ???
Abilities: Passively striking fear into others [through vibes, memories, visions, etc], staying calm in stressful situations, typical godlike powers [destruction, creation, mind reading, knowing unknowable knowledge, psychokinesis, etc], being the tallest person in a room.

Interests include holding Melancholy's hand, squeezing into small spaces to keep calm, petting soft things [like rabbits], collecting cute things [they only just started though], the taste of flesh [any species].

Mysterious, tall, dangerous...but they wear such cute clothes. Oh and their hair is so long and well kept, it’s honestly their biggest mystery. Might have something to do with the whole “god” thing perhaps. Rumour has it that they killed their god to become a god. The story might not be that simple though.

For the longest time they wanted to be completely alone. Something traumatic happened to them (so typical of gods to have that tragic backstory). A power manifested from this painful desire for solitude: a passive ability to strike fear into those around them. It works quite effectively, except for whatever reason it’s never affected Melancholy. It’s okay though because Zen likes Melancholy.

They have a hard time speaking out loud. Their voice is quiet and gentle. It’s problematic though because they hold so much knowledge. Even to them it’s exhausting not being able to share openly.