HEAD>HEELZ – lesbian romcom about a cosplay spell gone wrong, decapitation, and a sexy mom. Currently in the works, aiming for under 70 pages.
FLOG: witch in training, art school drop out and long time erotic art appreciator. She’s currently lavishing in the neet lifestyle while taking time away from her studies, during which she managed to amass a large vintage porn magazine collection. Most days Flog can be found broom cruising in other dimensions or getting blazed out of her gourd while altering thrifted clothes. She doesn’t have much luck in relationships, as she has a “decapitation” problem.
ARGYLE: Recently unemployed, Argyle used to be a teacher’s assistant for a local preschool until word got out that she was in a relationship with the schools fundraiser director, a rather wealthy lady in her 50s. Weaning herself from her “mommy lust” as she calls it, Argyle gained a sudden interest in witchcraft, hoping to conjurer all the Burberry she could ever want. Typically folks like Flog aren’t her type, but her eagerness to mentor was too amusing to pass. As far as Argyle knows, her weekend could be indefinite, so a night with an otherworldly stranger is worth the possible risk.